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Designed by Michael Wiseman and Mark Jarvis for the 2017
Puck Farkinson’s participation in the City to Bay Fun Run

Project Details

Puck Farkinson’s is the brainchild of Michael Wiseman. Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2016 and has since been raising money for Parkinson’s SA.

The City to Bay fun run is one way he has been able to raise money for the cause. An identity was required for each participation year. The first year, 2017, Michael and his good friend Mark Jarvis designed the first identity for t-shirts that their supporters wore. This design was also applied on to stubby holders.

An image of a Martini glass complete with olive and the brilliant tagline of ‘Shaken, not stirred’ shows the humour used to offset the seriousness of the disease.

In 2018 the identity was called ‘Ride that train’. This was in reference to the steam train like ride that is Parkinson’s disease. Designed by me (previously Monsigneur Creative).

In 2019 the design was ‘Shakes Peer’s – A horse, a horse, my Kingdom for a horse’. Wishful thinking to get through the City to Bay. Designed by me (previously Monsigneur Creative).

Project Gallery

The amazing 2018 Puck Farkinson’s team
The awesome 2019 Puck Farkinson’s team
Founder Michael Wiseman heading
the 2018 City to Bay Fun Run, Adelaide,
South Australia
Photograph courtesy of The Advertiser

Would you like to donate to Parkinson’s SA?

This link takes you directly to the Parkinson’s South Australia donate page.

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