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The actual Gerards yacht M V Ophelia
A write up for the awards won in our department through
the 2007 Awards. Copywriter on the Legends Club
invite was Donna Trebilcock.

Project Details

I won Gold in an international award competition in 2007 (Can’t believe it myself) called the Creative Awards. I was ecstatic as they only awarded Gold if there were submissions that were exceptional and not all categories had Gold award recipients.

I was working for Clipsal by Schneider Electric and was given a project to create a small run of invitations for the elite group of Clipsal staff that had worked for Clipsal for over 25 years. The event was to be held at Rose bay Sydney on the Gerard’s yacht ‘M V Ophelia’

I researched what the yacht looked like and wanted an invite that was unique. I decided that an origami invitation would work well. The details of the event were on both sides of the folded paper yacht, with the map of where it was held on the inside when the invite was unfolded. There was a lot of experimentation to achieve a version that looked like the
M V Ophelia and fit into a DL envelope to save on special envelope size costs. I chose a silver paper and had the artwork printed digitally on the paper through Custom Print. I received the flat printed paper squares and hand folded each invite.

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